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Welcome to the Olzmann lab proteomic website

This site contains MS/MS data from:

Bersuker et al., (2018) Developmental Cell. 44, 1-16.

  • Briefly, a proximity labeling proteomics strategy employing lipid droplet-targeted APEX2 was used to identify high confidence lipid droplet proteomes in U2OS and Huh7 cell lines. APEX2 was targeted to lipid droplets by fusion to PLIN2 (PLIN2APEX2) or an inactive mutant of ATGL (ATGLAPEX2). Cytosolic APEX2 (CytoAPEX2) was included as a control. These data were compared with proteomic analysis of lipid droplet-enriched buoyant fractions. The graphs shown on this website reflect the spectral abundance factor (SAF) for a protein in these samples. The SAF is the spectral counts divided by the number of amino acids in the protein, multiplied by a factor of 10.

  • Interactions between the lipid droplet proteins were mapped based on annotations in BioGRID. 

  • Additional details can be found in the reference listed above.

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